Features Description, HFXC-6700

High Frequency Transformer
Onboard Battery Charger
for Electric Vehicles


1. FAST: 6.7 KW power level. Less charging time, more driving time.

2. LIGHT WEIGHT: 45 lbs. Fits easily ONBOARD, not tethered to an offboard charging station. (Highest power-to-weight ratio of any transformer charger).

3. SAFE: Isolated from AC line by high frequency transformer. No SHOCKS or other surprises.

4. CLEAN: Best power factor correction of any EV charger. Power factor of 99.9+%, current THD of 2 to 3% at full power, and under 5% THD over entire power range from 500 to 5000 watts. No need to buy another unit when power quality standards are set.

5. UNIVERSAL OPERATION: Works on 95 VAC to 170 VAC at 1800 watts, 170 VAC to 220 VAC at 5000 watts,and greater than 220 VAC at 6.7 KW. Plug in ANYWHERE.

6. AUTOMATIC: Regulated charge cycle for wet or sealed batteries (current control, temperature compensation, gassing and equalization). Absolutely no switches or dials to set. Plug in and run.

7. PROGRAMMABLE: Output voltage thresholds field adjustable to allow for aging batteries. Gets last ounce of use from batteries. Output current adjustment for each of nine sequential steps. Full charging and equalization in the shortest possible time. All parameters of charging algorithm fully programmable to specifications of vehicle integrator and/or battery manufacturer. Undervoltage detection reduces power to a safe, field ajustable limit when the batteries are below 1.7 volts per cell.

8. OVER-TEMPERATURE PROTECTION: Charger is totally self-protecting, even if charging at high noon in the sun in Phoenix on the hottest day of the year. Charger will operate at full power up to 50 C. ambient temperature (122 F.), and at reduced power up to 65 C. ambient temperature (149 F.).

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